The administration office oversees the day-to-day operations of LENS. It manages the employees of the institute, also providing support and assistance to them when unusual situations arise. It supports students and guest researchers during their stay at LENS for all administrative processes. It coordinates the repairs on any office or laboratory equipment that is malfunctioning, preparing and submitting requests for new equipment when necessary.

Management team
This working group was recently established to assist and support the director in the reorganization of the institution: it includes representatives of the scientific and the technical-administrative areas.

Press Office
The press office provides support on how to deal with the news media, managing all outreach activities involving LENS researchers or structures. Press officers are responsible for this site and for the informations published on it, they prepare news, press reviews and other communication materials, such as institutional brochures. Activity related to relations with the press, e.g. writing press releases and media advisories, are shared with the press offices of University of Florence and INO/CNR.

  • Elisabetta Baldanzi
  • Press officer of INO/CNR
  • Gloria Cavallini
  • Graphic designer

Scientific Staff
All those professors and researchers of the University of Florence, and of other Italian or foreign Universities or Research Institutes formally associated with LENS, who ask to be associated with LENS and undertake to help ensure the efficiency of the Laboratory in agreement with the Statutes shall be part of the scientific staff of LENS.

Tech/Adm Staff
The technical and administrative staff necessary for the operation of LENS is assigned directly by the Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research, as part of the total staff of the Universities, determined by the Law 29 January 1986, n. 23 and successive changes, and is integrated with the permanent staff of the University of Florence.

European Committee
The European Committee is composed of the Rectors and Presidents of universities and affiliated research organizations or their representatives. The European Committee is responsible for conventions with research institutions and universities and examines LENS activity carried out annually.

Scientific Advisory Board
The Scientific Advisory Board of LENS is established by the Directive Council and has the tasks of ensuring the feasibility and productivity of the research projects of the Institute, of giving an advisory opinion on purchases of major equipment of interest to the Laboratory, of assessing external research projects proposed to the institute and of following the recruitment and training of students.

  • Paul French
  • Blackett Laboratory Imperial College, London

Executive Council
The Executive Council is composed of experts in the fields of research covered by the LENS and oversees all scientific, administrative and financial activities.The Council may also establish committees from among its members for specific problems whose decisions must be submitted to it.

  • Paolo Foggi
  • Representative of LENS Scientific Staff
  • Saida Guellati
  • Sorbonne University
  • Representative of University of Paris VI

Research laboratories
The high quality of scientific research of LENS is also possible thanks to cutting-edge laboratories and to equipment at the best, chosen on the basis of ongoing and planned experiments. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of LENS activity, it's impossibile to relate any laboratory to a single research line: the sharing of knowledge of the experimental settings by various research groups is so enhanced. All laboratories are accessible to external researchers through the Laser Lab initiatives.

Technical facilities

In-house facilities provide high-quality technical support to all research groups. There are three workshops equipped to prepair, repair and maintain all electronic, electrical, mechanical and chemical equipment within the LENS, to ensure the best conditions to the scientific activity in all its stages.

Elisabetta Cerbai, current director of LENS

The Director is the legal representative of the LENS and is appointed by the Rector of the University of Florence on the proposal of the Executive Council. He is appointed for three years and his appointment may be renewed consecutively only once. Among its tasks are the preparation of the annual spending plan and the scientific report, the management of the annual budget and the final account, the order of what is necessary for the operation of the LENS. He is flanked by an associate director appointed in the same way.