Organi di indirizzo politico-amministrativo

( Rif. DLeg n. 33 del 14-3-2013, Art.13, c.1, lett.a; Art.14 )

Francesco Saverio Pavone, current director of LENS

The Director is the legal representative of the LENS and is appointed by the Rector of the University of Florence on the proposal of the Executive Council. He is appointed for three years and his appointment may be renewed consecutively only once. Among its tasks are the preparation of the annual spending plan and the scientific report, the management of the annual budget and the final account, the order of what is necessary for the operation of the LENS. He is flanked by an associate director appointed in the same way.

Executive Council
The Executive Council is composed of experts in the fields of research covered by the LENS and oversees all scientific, administrative and financial activities.The Council may also establish committees from among its members for specific problems whose decisions must be submitted to it.

  • Gerhard Rempe
  • Max Planck Institute
  • Representative of Max Planck Institute
  • Roberto Bini
  • University of Florence
  • Representative of University of Florence