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Published on-line at 03:51:58 PM on Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Energethica and Florence together for renewable energies

For the first time in Florence, the seventh fair about renewable and sustainable energy at Fortezza da Basso, also with LENS as partner of Polo P.I.E.R.R.E.

From September 22th to 24th the exhibition dedicated to renewable and sustainable energy took place, this year focusing on geothermal resources, ecological buildings and mobility and Concentrating Solar Power systems. Over three hundred exhibitors have showed their products or projects, from big societies as ENEL to little and very specialized ones, and about 20 conferences took place, including two entirely dedicated to one of the strategic energy resources for Tuscany: the geothermal energy.

As evident from the map on the right, Tuscany has the largest number of geothermal resources, together with Sardinia. Most of the Italian geothermal energy estracted every year come from plants of Larderello (the first geothermal power plant of the world) and Montieri: about 4 billion kilowatt hours. But the Tuscan territory has also a lot of little resources, not sufficient to produce electric energy, but useful to other purposes as home heating. Just to bridge the gap that separates Italy from other European countries, the Consortium for the Development of Geothermal Areas (Co.Svi.G.) organized many conferences with operators and simple citizens to show the great potential of this kind of energy and to discuss how to extend research and production in this field.

Despite the fact that LENS does not deal with geothermal energy, our laboratory is one of the partners of Polo P.I.E.R.R.E., the first initiative of the Distretto Tecnologico founded by Co.Svi.G. to facilitate contact between fundamental research and industry in the field of renewable energy, not only regarding geothermal resource. Thanks to twenty years of experience in research on laser light and especially on light diffusion in disordered systems, LENS can be decisive in the research and production of novel solar cells and photovoltaic panels, together with other relevant members of the consortium.