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Page updated at 12:44:21 PM on Monday, May 21st, 2012

AQUTE - Atomic Quantum Technologies Integrating Project

Funded with €295,000.00 (on €393,334.00) for 36 months (from January, 2010 to December, 2012) by European Commission within FET European Research Area

Person in charge: Massimo Inguscio

Integrated quantum technologies for quantum computation, metrology and sensing.

The Atomic QUantum TEchnologies (AQUTE) Integrating Project aims to develop quantum technologies based on atomic, molecular and optical systems both for scalable quantum computation as well as entanglement-enabled technologies (like metrology and sensing). Interdisciplinary connections have a key role in order to reinforce interdisciplinary links at the frontiers of quantum information science and other scientific fields as well as conceive and realize novel hybrid systems able to couple in a coherent way physically different quantum degrees of freedom.



Only publications with LENS-affiliated authors are listed and for now there is no one.