The investigation of the dynamical properties of molecular systems is one of the main research subjects at LENS since its establishment in 1989. The research is carried on by means of several optical techniques in which laser pulses as short as a few tens of femtoseconds are used to characterize the spectral and dynamical properties of photoexcited molecular systems. In the past fifteen years, the scientific activity of the Ultrafast dynamics in molecular systems group evolved into different branches, which currently cover three major research areas:
  • Photochemical and photophysical processes in molecular systems
  • Dynamics of biomolecules
  • Vibrational dynamics of pure liquids and solutions
Available experimental techniques are:
  • Femtosecond UV-VIS transient absorption spectroscopy
  • 2D - IR spectroscopy
  • Femtosecond Ti: sapphire laser system [50 fs time duration, 1 KHz repetition rate, 800 nm output wavelenth, 600 mW energy power]
  • Optical parametric amplifier [2-10 micron tuning range, 100-150 fs time duration, 1 microJ energy, 200 cm-1 bandwidth]
  • Fourier transform infrared spectrometer [7800-350 cm-1 wavenumber range, 0.85 1.2 4 8 16 cm-1 resolution]
  • Flurescence Spectrometer